5 Tips on How to Pose For Bridal Portraits

Bridal PortraitsWorking with a wedding photographer can be a bit of a nightmare for many new brides. Sometimes, it’s the nerves that spoil the session but it shouldn’t be that way for you. You want your bridal portraits to look perfect and it is possible when you know how to pose correctly. However, you don’t just need to stick with the same old poses you see in almost every bridal photo shoot. Here are five tips on how to pose for bridal portraits that allow you to stand out.

Try an Alternative to Smiling

Smiling is probably the number one pose for most brides but if you want to make your photos a little different, why not try looking for an alternative to smiling? You can easily pout or just have a natural expression that really captures the magic of the big day. Smiles aren’t the only option for you to try when it comes to Seattle wedding photography and opting for a more natural expression makes the photos stand out more.

Show Off Your Curves with Pride

You might not think about showing off or enhancing your curves for whatever personal reason but it can be such a good idea for your wedding photos. Now, it could be that you want to opt for the hourglass figure pose; this is such a classic look and it would help to make your wedding photos stand out. You should take the time to talk to a wedding photographer and find out what pose would help to enhance your curves and make you feel good about yourself too.

Don’t Bunch the Body Up

There is nothing worse than adding precious inches onto the waistline and other areas of the body and when you are a closed book, you do just that. It is a lot better to have an open expression; have your arms out to your sides and not just hanging at the waist. The reason why is simply because it can almost appear to add a few more inches and that is never something you want. Instead, be playful with the images to achieve the best Seattle wedding photography you can get for your wedding.

No Double Chins

Even when you have a thin face, the neck area can remain a troublesome spot. Now, if you choose to have your face pointed down or lower the chin, it can sometimes give you a second or double chin. This isn’t a good look and it will make you feel terrible, so, try to take photos with your chin and face up and away from the body. It’s probably the best way to avoid adding that double chin feature and don’t worry, your wedding photographer will let you know what works best.Checkout more detailed information at

Try Something New

There are dozens of simple poses that you always rely on for your photographs but let’s face it; will they really make your photos stand out? They’ll look good but it doesn’t mean the photos will stand out. Instead, why not look at some new poses and have a lot of fun doing it? When you play around you can find some lovely new poses that make the photos stand out. Sometimes people get a photo with the officiant to capture the full day.

Make Your Bridal Portraits Stand Out

It will be important to make your portraits stand out because it’s your big day and you should look back and remember with a smile on your face. The above tips are just a few little pointers to hopefully help you on the right road to find the perfect pose. Enjoy the day and consult with your wedding photographer over what works best for you.

Tips to Finding an Affordable Seattle Wedding Photographer

Hiring a wedding photographer can be quite a costly expense for those planning a wedding. However, everyone getting married really needs to have a professional photographer because it sets the day off nicely. Yet, there are thousands of people who end up spending a fortune on their photographers. So, how much should you spend and how can you find an affordable photographer? 

Understand Your Limits

First and foremost, no one can truly find affordable Seattle wedding photography without knowing how much is too much. Too many people don’t have some sort of budget or limitation set out for their wedding photographer; however without a budget, the costs could be endless. Your best move would be to firstly set out some sort of budget in which you absolutely cannot go over. Doing this will allow you to take the first steps to finding an affordable photographer.

Do Your Homework

It’s good to have a select list of wedding photographers and when you have a few photographers in mind; it’s time to do some research. You absolutely must get to know about the photographers and research them very carefully before you actually approach them. The reason why is simply so that you have an idea of what sort of styles they like and how much they are likely to charge. Now, if there is a wedding photographer in your price range but doesn’t have a solid reputation, its best to avoid them.

Affordable Wdding Photography

Negotiate Prices

One of the best ways to get a better deal would maybe be, to negotiate for a better price. Now, this isn’t always going to be possible for the simple fact that some photographs have certain overheads and costs and there won’t always be room for movement. However, there may also be some photographers that has some ability to maneuver in their price range and that could be what you are looking for. Seattle wedding photography can be very affordable as long as you are willing to ask for a better price.

Limit Your Services

Every photographer will ask for a different price for all of their services and it means you might be able to get an affordable photographer for fewer services. Now, if you don’t want digital copies or a mixed package for the photographer then it might be a lot less costly. Sometimes, you might be able to pick up a good deal if you choose to go for a digital copy with a few minor prints but it does vary. You should ask about the different photograph packages available so that you can get the best deals. A wedding photographer usually can offer some good deals on their photographic packages. 

An Affordable Wedding Photographer Is Possible

Anyone has the ability to find a photographer for their wedding that doesn’t cost a great deal of money. It is possible but you need to take the time to actually research and find the right photographer. If you are on a tight budget then you do have to take the time to look for the right photographer that is within your price range but it’s possible to find a good photographer. Seattle wedding photography is important to get right so don’t settle for anything less than quality.

How an Engagement Photographer Creates Lasting Memories

A wedding photographer isn’t only needed for the big day; they are also needed for the engagement. You did hear right, but unfortunately, the engagement party doesn’t always come with its own photographer. Now, in most cases, people forget having a photographer because they think they are only needed for the actual wedding but the engagement party can still hold huge amounts of memories too. However, how does an engagement photographer create lasting memories?

Getting Your Own Engagement Album

First and foremost, having a special engagement album can be very important. You have a lovely photo album chronicling the engagement party from start to finish and that means having photos of the loving couple as well as the family’s on both sides of the wedding party as well as all of those treasured guests. When your photographers take the pictures, you and your significant other can sit down and decide on which photos will go in the album. However, the photos you don’t want to go into the album don’t need to be thrown away; the other photos can be put into a scrapbook of embarrassing photos and even be used on the big day. Seattle wedding photography doesn’t just cover the wedding, for more information contact a Seattle wedding photographer that can help.

Creating an Online Digital Album

As most people know, photo albums can be damaged during arguments, by accident and of course by nature and once those photos are gone, it’s very difficult to get them back. However, when you create a digital copy of them, you never have to worry about losing them! Professional photographers can create a digital or online album that allows you to store your photos safely and securely – all online and all digitally. This helps to reduce the risk of loss and you can share them with your friends, no matter where you go. That is the beauty of hiring a wedding photographer because they can make a digital copy for you.

Opting For Canvas Prints

There are also options to choose wedding photography that comes in certain forms. There are lots of engaged couples who hire professional photographers and get them to put their prints into canvas form. Now, that is good because it means your photography can be placed on canvas prints or even on mugs, and kept with you at all times. There are no limits when it comes to possibilities for photographers and you can create some beautiful engagement and wedding memorabilia also.

Seattle Engagement Photographer

Creating Special Memories

To be honest, engagement parties can be very important to remember because there are just some parties you never want to forget. Weddings may be important but the engagement can be very fun too and you don’t want to ever forget that day either. Using a professional wedding photographer can allow you to create the special moments and memories before and after the big day.

Seattle Wedding Photography Can Create Wonderful Memories

Engagement parties are going to help create a lot of memories and those memories can never be forgotten. Those at the times that are special and in ten or twenty years time, you can show your children what mum and dad was like all those years ago! The great thing about using an engagement photographer is that you have a huge amount of options to choose from including a digital copy and printed album. Using a professional wedding photographer can allow you to capture those special engagement memories.

Put an Artist’s Touch on Your Seattle Wedding Photography

Seattle wedding photography can be great but does it stand out? This is the question thousands are asking because while photos can look nice, they don’t always sparkle or stand out for your special day. That is why you want to consider looking at a professional photographer to help the photos stand out. Wedding photographs aren’t like birthday photos, these photos are going to follow you and you will look at them time and time again. Birthday photos can be replaced, wedding photos cannot.

Get the EmotionsSeattle Wedding Photography

Photographs come in all forms but it can be difficult at the best of times to produce good photos. However, when you use a professional photographer, you can absolutely get the real emotions to come out. That is just so important because when you want to make your wedding look great and remember it for the next fifty years, you hire a professional. If you want to put an artist touch on your wedding photography, you really need to consider hiring a professional.

Opt For Candid Shots

Perfection is something you want to get but let’s be honest; you don’t want every single photograph to look like simulated. You have natural and candid shots so that the photographs look more real and authentic. Too many people think they should only concentrate on the bridal party but that isn’t always the case. You really want to choose the candid shots too so that you get natural and appealing photographs. This can be important when it comes to Seattle wedding photography.

Have a Stunning Background or Scenery to Enhance the Photos

Another key element to help enhance your photos must be to have some context, such as background scenery or other types of scenery. You of course want to have great photos and backgrounds and scenery are really important to have. The photographs need to be professional but at the same time, look natural and stunning in every which way. Wedding photography needs to look stunning and having a background can be important so you need to think about having this.

Don’t Forget To Consult the Photography Company for Inspiration

However, if you really want to put a unique spin to your wedding photos, you really need to have a sit down with the photographer. They can talk about what options are available to help jazz up the photos and make them stand out more. You and the photographer can even take a walk through of the location of the event so that he or she can see what would work best for the day. This can really help get more of an artist’s touch on your wedding photography in Seattle.

Getting the Magic Back

Weddings will always remain one of the most important days in a person’s life but those photos are going to be with you forever. Weddings don’t come around very often, most people walk down the aisle once and those photos can be so crucial to you. If you don’t have a beautiful photo then you can be very disappointed and sometimes even embarrassed. You should consider hiring a professional to get the best photos of your special day.